Villa - penthouse

Villa with desirable furniture - Thao Dien area, District 2

Homeowners often travel a lot, collecting a lot of valuables from other countries in the region, so when making this home, the first thing she wants is to design furniture that matches the home. displaying souvenir items. She likes the Indochine style but still wants the house to have modern comforts and bring the breath of modern life rather than nostalgia.

All these wishes are shared very clearly with the design architect. The designer said because the owner had a very clear idea of ​​what he was expecting, in which case he recorded everything and resolved to make things clearer, to bring space. live full of connection.

The motifs from the façade and the ceiling, the interior walls are relatively consistent ... The remarkable thing in this home is the origin of the furniture. In addition to items collected by the owner, the remaining items are selected based on the criteria of handicraft and production in Vietnam. Home paintings are also drawings or drawings according to the owner's preference. Obviously everything in this house is harmoniously combined, people can realize that this is really a place to enjoy life.

Swimming pool behind

Reading corner relaxing on the 2nd floor

Living room with a view to the front garden and the pool after

From the TV viewing corner overlooking the living room

From the bar, look at the dining area and dining area

From the corner of the dining table looks out to the living room and to the bar, kitchen

The kitchen area offers views of the pool

Stairs upstairs

The master bedroom is a true enjoyment space, occupying an entire floor, bath, bedroom and fully open, non-parted recreation area. All connected to a green outdoor garden, where seating is tea, reading ...

Opening the bedroom door is a green garden

Room of children is really suitable for exercise

Office and library

Stairs linking two floors