Policies and regulations

Welcome to Angel Furniture,
When you access the website of Golden House Furniture, you agree to these terms. The website reserves the right to change, modify, add or remove any portion of this General Terms and Conditions, at any time. Changes take effect immediately upon posting on the site without prior notice. And when you continue to use the site, after the changes to this Terms have been posted, you agree to the changes.
Please check regularly to update the changes of Golden House Furniture.
1. User Guide to the web
- When entering the Golden House Furniture web site, the user must be at least 18 years of age or under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian.
- It is strictly prohibited to use any part of this website for commercial purposes or on behalf of any third party without the written permission of Golden House Furniture. If you violate any of these terms, Golden House Furniture will cancel your license without prior notice.
- You must register your account with the credentials of yourself and must update if any changes. Each visitor is responsible for their password, account and activity on the web. In addition, you must notify Golden House Furniture when the account is accessed illegally. Golden House Furniture assumes no responsibility whatsoever, whether directly or indirectly, for any loss or damage caused by your failure to comply with the regulations.
- During the registration process, you agree to receive emails from the website. Then, if you do not want to continue receiving mail, you can refuse by clicking the link at the bottom of every email ad.
2. Regulation
It is strictly forbidden to propagate, to oppose and misrepresent the government. Absolutely not discussing politics.
3. Customer feedback
- All contents of the website and your comments are the property of Golden House Furniture. If Golden House Furniture discovers any counterfeit information, Golden House Furniture will immediately lock your account or apply other measures in accordance with the laws of Vietnam.
4. Order and confirm the order
- When you order at Golden House Furniture, Golden House Furniture will receive your order and send you order number. However, ordering needs to go through an order confirmation process, Golden House Furniture only confirm orders if your order requirements meet the order fulfillment criteria at Golden House Furniture.
- In order to request a confirmed order quickly, please provide correct and complete information related to the delivery, or terms and conditions of the promotion (if any) you have. Participants.
5. The value of the order and form of payment
- Golden House offers payment methods: cash on delivery, bank transfer
6. Accept orders and prices
We reserve the right to refuse or cancel your order for any reason whatsoever in connection with technical error, systematic objectively at any time. We can ask more about phone number and address before ordering.
We are committed to providing the most accurate price information to consumers. However, there are occasional mistakes, for example, if the product price is not displayed correctly on the website or the price is incorrect, we will contact the instructions or notice to cancel the order. for you. We also have the right to refuse or cancel any order whether or not it has been or has not been confirmed or paid.
7. Price
- The price listed in Golden House Furniture is the final price including Value Added Tax (VAT). The price of the product may change depending on the time and the accompanying promotion. Shipping Charges or Order Processing Fees will be applied if applicable, and will be displayed on the Payments page as you process your order.
- Although Golden House Furniture tries best to ensure that all information and prices displayed are accurate for each product, there will sometimes be some cases.
These terms and conditions (the "Terms of Use") apply to Customer access to and use of the Services set forth on the Golden House Furniture Software System dedicated to mobile telephony. Internet and website ("Golden House Interior Application"), as well as all information and policies provided to customers on the Golden House Furniture.
1. Services on Interior Golden House
Golden House furnitures provide information and facilities provided by third parties ("Service Providers") to carry goods in the city, interprovincial, flower delivery ... ("Service" ) is used by Customer ("Customer for Shipping Services") through the Golden House Interior Application on an Internet-connected mobile phone that has been downloaded and installed by Customer for use or access. website
2. Conditions for participating in the transaction
1. Customers entering the transaction must meet the following conditions: (i) are over 18 years of age, (ii) have full civil act capacity in accordance with the law. Clients are not allowed to participate in transactions in case they do not meet the above conditions, unless there is a direct tutoring school of the customer who agrees and participates.
2. To be able to create a request on the Golden House Interior Application, customers need to download the Golden House Furniture application software on the Website and app store of the Golden House Furniture or visit and post. Sign your account by providing your personal information, cell phone number. Upon completion of the information, Golden House Furniture will provide Customer with a personal account so that Customer can access and manage its transaction process (the "Account").
3. Customers are responsible before the law for all the information that they declare to create accounts on Golden House Interior Applications. In all cases, Golden House Furniture reserves the right to verify the information provided by Customer, but does not mean that Golden House Furniture is able to guarantee the accuracy of the information Customer has provided. Golden House Furniture will not deal with Customer's complaints in case Customer incorrectly reports information requested by Golden House Interior Application.
Service Agreement between the Parties
1. Service contract between Golden House Interior and Customer is established when Customer creates Account on Golden House Interior Application as above step.
2. Service Agreement between the Service User and the Service Provider originated by the Customer using the Service to make the Service available on the Golden House Interior Application ("Request ") and is deemed to have been signed as soon as Customer receives the acceptance response from the Supply Customer