Modern interior renovation solution for two-storey townhouse

This is not a new home, but a home for investment and change. The issue here is not knowing who the future owner is, what the hobby is, and what the personality is. The couple has a very ambiguous theme: "Fixing a home for the baby, saving the maximum cost." Although they do not know what style the house should be, it certainly has its own interior that should have something modern.

Living room with different views

Dining area and kitchen

From the four bedrooms, the converted house also has two bedrooms to maximize space for living purposes. Invest less so stairs do not fix. Each floor is open space to create a spacious and attractive living space. The first floor is a spacious living room. The second floor is a common room, both public space and private space create a warm, intimate atmosphere.

Bedrooms and reading angles with space - open windows

The hardest part is deciding on the interior because the façade has four pillars that can not be dismantled and must be retained, making repairing a little difficult.

Take advantage of the two columns on the balcony, but indent to create the depth of the façade.

It is not known who is in this house, how old, what kind of ... so architects favor the elegance, from architecture to interior and layout space. It also helps homeowners to freely purchase furniture, without restrictive styles, without fear of other styles overlapping each other.

Around the balcony open to the green array in front