Villa - penthouse

Lakeview City Villa Design District - District 2

Lakeview City villa design is carefully calculated to fill the gaps that still create the harmony and beauty of the villa. In addition, the combination of color tones, between the items and decorations need to blend in to create the highlight for beautiful space and bring comfort to the owner.

Taking the white interior of the interior designer has brought freshness and sunshine to the living room.

The living room and dining table are ingeniously combined to create warmth and intimacy among family members..

Beautiful, modern sofas with soft tone with a view of the cool garden makes the owner can breathe fresh air after a hard working day.

In the midst of the muted white space of the mansion, the charcoal dinner table appears as an impressive retreat and offers a romantic and warm living space for all family members.

The closet of dark brown cabinets mixed with the interesting wall paintings make kitchen space become modern and luxurious.

All the items in the kitchen are meticulously arranged and science helps the housewife can comfortably make dishes for her family without worrying about being entangled.

Beautiful bedrooms are tiled with wooden floors for added warmth.

From the top down to the bathroom very neat and airy to bring comfort to the user