Villa - penthouse

Interior design villa Phuong - Phu My Hung, District 7

With an area of ​​184m2 not too spacious to create a luxurious and luxurious villas. However, with the logical combination of color and interior layout of the interior designer has created a space is extremely airy modern.

Contemporaneously navigating the theme, the designer cleverly combines white-gray tone with elegant and luxurious parts for the villa.
The guest rooms are simply and modernly furnished with trendy sofas and tones of ton of tone with all the surrounding space. The highlight is the bright carpeted carpet that accents the interior and creates the main point for the room. To save space designers have deliberately created wall shelves for books, decorations and televisions to scratch the room but do not occupy too much space.

In addition to the use of bold color, the owner can also choose the fancy color for the entire interior of the living room.

Each room has a unified design does not create conflict between each space to create harmony for the whole villa.

The standing shower is one of the most popular furniture of the consumers. Use of bathroom stalls saves space for bathrooms and is very decorative furnishings. Only with a small area but the intelligent layout of the designer has helped the owner get a modern bathroom is no different from the luxury hotels today.