Interior design Luxury

Interior design Sunrise Riverside apartments are comfortable and stylish

 The owner of this Sunrise Riverside project apartment requires the creation of an apartment with living space complete with functional areas including living room, kitchen, dining room with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. All encapsulated in an area of 99m².

The designer says that although the size of the apartment is not large, but the walkway and public spaces are connected, there are not too many walls. Common areas and bedroom areas are clearly divided. The only drawback of the apartment is the relatively small bedroom area so the walkways in these rooms are relatively narrow. The concept of the designer is to create a modern, luxurious living space, with warm colors, a bit of Asian spirit.

Warm colors dominate with brown, cream, white. The living room has glass panels to highlight, create shimmering effect and make the space feel wider. The dark sofa makes the living room feel cozy.

With living space, four-seater dining table is reasonable. Kitchen space is compact but open, full of essential functions.

The main bedroom is quite large, pressed by the bedside walls, modern is just warm light.

The extra bedroom is said to be the room of a high school boy, highlighted by a dynamic bedside table, full bookshelf and study desk on the opposite side. The area of this room is quite small so the design is simple and the color scheme instead of too much detail.

Simple, color-coded bed linen for older people or guests.