Interior design simple, cozy house - Ms. Vy

Townhouses often do not have the advantage of space such as garden villas, so the design to optimize space is absolutely required for the Architect.

Making the most of the ground floor space into three functional areas. A small garage, a space reserved for the living room and the rest is the kitchen.

Wall-mounted television racks reduce the space used, while enhancing the modern look and luxury of the living room. Wall paintings, plant pots, carpets ... all are meticulously caring and harmonious in terms of color and arrangement.

Kitchen space is designed modern and elegant. The kitchen system uses white color to enhance the elegance, while white also brightens the space for a generous, friendly feel.

The bedroom still maintains the mainstream design style throughout. Still a white tune with dark brown wood. However, instead of using white lights such as living room and kitchen, the bedroom uses the yellow light to increase the cozy and relaxed atmosphere for resting.

Habitat greatly influences the development and thinking of the baby. So we agreed to spend special space for the children to love them and make important contribution to the direction of aesthetics later.