Interior design for rent

Interior design of Huyen apartment - Go Vap district

The apartment is small, not enough space to arrange a separate dining room. Architects have combined the dining room with the living room is an ideal solution, both ensure the use of power, and create warmth, gathering.
The main color of the room is the white color. Add some brown accents such as soft fabric sofa to feel smooth to avoid eyes.

Living room furniture is modern in style, whereas the kitchen tends to be a little bit classic. The dining table is slightly European in style and the armchairs are covered with luxurious brocade fabric suitable for many families. The dining table is lined with glass to reflect light from ceiling lights, giving a cozy space.

The main material used for bedroom furniture is natural white painted wood, just clean in use, fresh in the material and create space for class.

Blue wall paint gives a feeling of dynamism and fun for the bedroom. Designing book shelves in large children's rooms makes it easy to sort books. Exit shelves can be used to display pictures or decorations, showing personality. Additional bonsai pots can be placed in the room to bring green into this relaxing space. The study table is located next to the window to get more natural light, creating a focus when studying.

Designed with large mirrors from the bedroom and bathroom dividers as well as added space. Bathrooms are equipped with Lavabo bathtubs integrated with underfloor storage to store soap and paper. preventive. Natural stone flooring and walls give a clean and clean feel to the room.