Interior design for rent

Interior design of Happy Valley apartment 99m2 - Ms. Thao

The 99 m2 apartment building, located in the Happy Valley apartment complex, has two bedrooms. The pleasant feeling is diffused by the soft white and brown color that is highlighted by the subdued blue color in some small angles.

The living room has become more special with the walls treated in a different way, creating impromptu blush, harmonious color when combined with the color of the carpet and sofa cloth. Decorated elements carefully: hanging pictures, decorations ...

Overall view of living room, dining table and kitchen

Living room view with outside view

The kitchen combined with the living room into an open kitchen, kitchen island and dining table, despite the differences in altitude but still feeling like a block, meet the needs of functions and make a difference. .

The use of ceramic tiles and decorations has been quite common in recent years, but when it comes to black and white and varied patterns in the kitchen, it is well suited to the current young, young designers that direction.

The kitchen area with shelves ... all neat, clean and convenient

The bedroom of the girl is sweet color, small area but full facilities for children. Here, blue becomes the dominant, not the point of emphasis as outside the common space.

Dressing area

Bookshelf light partition between the bedroom and dressing area + toilet serves as a lightweight partition, still retain the ventilation and connection to the bedroom.

The main bedroom is selected as a space solution to bring the most "cheering" for investors when it comes to the topic of beautiful life: make the most of beautiful views and natural light, desk work in conjunction with fly - window.

Dressing table in dressing area

Toilet and bathtub in main bedroom