Interior design Luxury

Interior design of Central Garden in white - brown color

Central Garden apartments are covered with all the art. This is an impressive apartment design that demonstrates white - gray - brown color has never been a dull color.

The apartment is like a light, but very easy to go into the heart. The gap between simple and monotonous is inherently fragile, especially when homeowners desperately agree with the choice of the Architect will use only the cold and neutral colors. And the monotony has completely given way to elegance in this project.

People always think that the most basic rule for something looks more impressive than putting it next to other things that are opposed to it. That rule is not wrong, but it does not seem right to this house. A house does not appear two objects that are opposite each other but still make anyone come in delighted.

All decorations have no new or unique style, but when they are combined together, everything becomes so soft, harmonious and sweet to the point of relaxation.

Living room, kitchen room, bedroom ... all spaces are in the same design gentle, not too picky, not flashy, not much motifs. All just as the colors of each other in the same color, tone, fresh and impressive.