Villa - penthouse

Interior design Khang Dien villa beautiful and full of elegance

Villas Khang Dien - District 9 is the company Golden House interior design for family of Mr Lam . With an area not too large but it is architecturally beautiful and elegant design, providing the ideal living space for the members.

Once again, wood has been proven to be the material of modern times in interior decoratio

Tables, chairs, shelves, cabinets, floors ... are still cleverly kept pure dark wood on the luxurious elegance of the villa. Brown and white are the two main colors throughout, which are two colors easy to combine and find the same in the interior design.

The area is not too big but the owner still receives a nice and spacious villa design. The lounge area is fitted with a sofa, TV shelf, tea table and a small corner window to make the workplace.

The kitchen is designed to fit in the small corner cut the cup of the house, making the most of space with the system Kitchen cabinets on the bottom - and hanging shelves. Small table just enough for family members.

The bedroom still retains the design style of other spaces in the villa, elegant - cozy but still luxurious, class.

Beauty always comes from the simple. Sometimes you have very simple ideas and hesitate that the idea will not create a beautiful housing space. Please go to for your idea to be the most complete.