Interior design for small town house - District 5

Town houses are characterized by small space, so it is imperative for the designer to know how to fully exploit the space effect to bring the space owner luxury and comfort.

The use of wallpaper, paint color, interior furniture ... are all harmonious but not losing the difference and prominence of the apartment.

Looking at overall space we will easily recognize the thoughtfulness and meticulousness of the designer as they embark on decorating the living space of the house so that they become bright and full of vitality.

The mezzanine is furnished with a deep brown sofa, which helps the owner relax, calm after a tiring work day, next to the church, and next to the bedroom.

Using a glass wall in the bedroom, always the best way to cheat the space.

Using pictures to decorate space will create more attraction for the room.

The bathroom is designed simple, clean and elegant.