Interior design for rent

Interior design apartments Riviera Point Ms. Tuyen - District 7

Tuyen apartment building as an investor with limited area. Therefore, the landlord asked to "optimize the area" of his apartment for the design consultancy units.

Optimizing the area does not mean that the flat is boring to create a sense of spaciousness, but it is based on the design of the rough to the best interior design plan, ensuring the best use of each. Meter meter space for homeowners.

The apartment is like a light orchestra of shades of brown. The dark colors from deep bold to fusion together in a subtle way to make the space becomes soothing and relaxing.

Large glass doors open to the outside are a great way to take advantage of the light and wind, minimizing the monthly electricity consumption of the apartment.

Wall paintings will be a perfect solution if you want to refurbish the home without wanting to change, moving too much furniture.

Some other images of the apartment: