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Interior design apartment New City 86m2 - District 2

Apartment of Ms Nhu is one of the simple, elegant and luxurious apartments. It is located on the 6th floor of a New City apartment building with an area of 86 m2. At the request of the owner, the architect turned the apartment into a space of absolute refinement.

According to the trend of modern houses, Nhu apartment is reduced to the maximum partition to avoid narrow space. The reception lounge is located next to the window overlooking the open air space, creating a pleasant feeling while taking advantage of natural light to save energy.

The dining table is located right next to the living room sofa, taking advantage of the space to create friendly and close to the intimate party for guests of the family.

The separate cooking area and separating door are designed to limit the heat and odor from the kitchen during processing to affect the outside reception area. At the same time the investment equipped with modern kitchen equipment and luxury also contribute greatly in increasing utility in cooking.

The area for the kitchen is not too big, but the choice of light tone, square design, straight, curved, minimalist design has made the kitchen feel fresh and much more spacious.

The bedroom of the homeowners diffuse elegance. The light brown tones cover the entire interior details, the walls are lit up by watercolor style decorations are favored. Wooden floor, classic round mirror, window curtain 2 layers of white brown ... are arranged rational and harmonious to create space mellow, relax.

Cabinets are arranged to take advantage of the space in the corner, not encroach on the area too much but still ensure the utility for homeowners.