Interior design for rent

Interior design apartment 92 m2 for young families in District 8

Being a business man, the job is quite busy so the owner has assigned the entire team of architects consultant, designed for a living space ideal and comfortable. The apartment consists of living room, playroom, 2 bedrooms, 2 toilets, 1 balcony, kitchen and drying area. The gentle, tranquility thanks to the tone of the courteous colors and interior decoration has created a great space for young families.Không gian đầu tiên khi bước vào là khoảng sảnh nhỏ, bên cạnh là tủ giầy được bố trí ngay cửa ra vào.

The first space when entering is the small hall, next to the shoe cabinet is arranged at the door.

Shoe cabinet close to the wall, utility layout at the door.

The interior of the living room is simple and compact combined with the color of the walls, curtains and smart layout create a cozy space, friendly.

Modern living room, elegant color.

Recessed color sofa, brown is harmoniously combined with wall, curtain ...

 ... along with pillows like color, dry flowers bring comfort.

The piano is located next to the living room with unique decor, eye catching.

The highlight of the dining space is the hanging light that gives a warm, friendly feeling. The layout of the glass in the kitchen space becomes more airy.

Simple, convenient dining table combined with a hanging light gives a warm feeling.

Compact kitchen, comfortable with luxurious wooden cabinets, table stone easy to clean.

Fun space filled, light flood for baby .

Wooden furniture to decorate with the craftsmanship of the homemade baby is placed at the door of the room.

The bedroom of the couple is not too picky with light tone, light, minimalist interior to create a spacious feeling.

The bedroom is simply furnished with a single bed and a large wardrobe. The room uses bright colors, in harmony with the purple tone of the station, wallpaper and white interior.

The toilet is not too spacious but full of amenities, with the tone color, black, luxurious green added to create freshness.