Interior design for rent

Interior design 46 m2 beautiful apartment for single boys

Space 46 m2 is big or small with a single guy living? The answer depends on the individual needs of each person. But anyway, it is still necessary for the designer to make the precious square meter comfortable and meet the needs of the home owner in the best way.

Phong is a young person, living alone, but having the need to gather friends and parties often ..., so we propose a plan for common space to best meet this central task. Instead of a regular dining table, a bar that connects to the kitchen, a bar that is sharpened to maximize space, comfort for people to sit around, and it also becomes the highlight of the whole space. All communication between the host and the guest is centered around the bar. Indeed, this is a reasonable choice and meet the needs of the home owner. This arrangement has created a sequence of moves that are appropriate to what is usually going on here. Next to the bar is a wine cellar, then to the living room with a straight sofa combined with triangular chair and rectangular tea table, deeper inside is the corridor with balcony, a high chair to sit. That's the view of the landscape ... All create the convenience that both the owner and guests can choose at any occasion when the opportunity to gather.

The living room overlooks the bar and kitchen area

Living room and balcony

Modern kitchen cabinets with simple and smart shelves.

Kitchen, bar and living room in a corner

Simple color - just select a blue color to highlight the main wall in both the bedroom and the common living space outside; The natural elements are also considered to bring in the apartment in an adequate way. Aquariums and plant pots do not occupy much space (small capital) but bring a fresh feeling of nature to the apartment.

Bedroom and living room in the same view, when the bedroom door is opened

The details in the bedroom are carefully scrutinized