Interior design Luxury

Impressed with the apartment is designed interior country style

For those who have experienced a lot of living space, when starting a new home, they are always interested in interacting with the designer as much as possible in order to have a satisfactory living space.

Homeowners in middle age, successful and modern. This is also not their first apartment so the couple have quite a lot of experience in building and decorating the house. They know what they want, even imagine the living space they are aiming for. Therefore, the role of the designer is to clarify the desires, to consult and propose solutions from a professional perspective, the rest is the influence of interaction between the two parties, especially between the two members. Key in the family

The apartment is located in the luxury apartment area in Phu My Hung with a total area of ​​nearly 200 m2. The space is large but only three bedrooms, each room is not large. This comes from the choice of the host: giving priority to shared space, wanting family members to spend more time together.

The advantage of the apartment is that it has large windows open to view the scenery, full of light and cool. The husband is interested in each space, each piece of furniture, adjust the size of everything on the drawing to best fit the needs of the family members. The wife takes care of the decor, from the collection of paintings by contemporary artists to the selection of colors for furniture and decorations on each item.

Living room with panoramic views, natural light and harmony. Details show that the owner is very careful


If you look at the whole apartment will see the great imprint of the woman. This is probably because the apartment is defined in country style, fresh color and many decorative patterns. Natural inspiration is not only reflected in the interior style, it is also added every day due to the care of the host: the apartment has a lot of fresh flowers, often replaced. Like the joy of the family at the weekend when gathered together, refresh the house also refresh their lives. 

The dining area also has an open view for green outside the balcony

Dining rooms, kitchens and kitchen kitchens are on the island, the way to handle wood surfaces.

Common living space and living area