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Happy Valley apartment 116m2 modern style classic

Happy Valley 116 m2, 3 bedrooms are designed and built by the house owner to bring pleasant surprises to his wife and two daughters. It is difficult for interior designers to find the specific needs of their family members, but to create a meaningful gift that brings joy to the whole family.

General living area

Living room and dining area

Classroom of children

The two girls will be in the same room to be closer together. Therefore, the remaining bedroom is transformed into learning space and play. The important part is choosing furniture and interior decoration. The apartment is located in a residential area with modern landscaping, so the choice of interior in the classic of the apartment makes a small difference. If you look closely, you will find that the ability to use color is a success factor of the interior designer. It is not brilliant or colorful, but a modest, modern and classic, not easy to mix. The color is harmonious with brick and tile and other decorations such as mural, bed sheets, green corner of the dining room ...

Bedrooms 2 daughters

Main bedroom