Furniture Mr. Hoang townhouses new with bright colors

With an area of 110m2, the project of interior design of this townhouse has been completed to bring a luxurious living space, comfortable and comfortable for investors.

The space extends from the entrance to the living room, kitchen and dining room without any built-in glass walls apart from a glass door that divides the residential area and parking area. The open style design will help the house more depth, spacious and airy. The green spaces are cleverly intertwined in the parking area and the shoe cabinet also helps the house look less boring as well as closer to nature, catch up the green trend of the world.

The guest room is simple, elegant and comfortable with basic furniture details.

The appearance of wood furniture almost accounted for 80% of interior details. Wood is never outdated in every home, no matter what style it is, this material is always the most reliable cord for your living space.

The dining room and the kitchen keep the spirit of "bright and elegant". White tones are covered throughout the space, combined with fresh green patel to neutralize the heat of the kitchen, feeling relaxed, pleasant.

The bedroom area is designed warm with brown color as the main. The transformation of dark brown to light color creates a warm and relaxed atmosphere for the rest of the home.