Enjoy the warm atmosphere through interior decoration decorated Tet

The house was transformed into an ideal space for families to welcome a warm and jubilant Tet. Here, the functional spaces required for all living needs of a family such as the living room, bedroom, dining and kitchen ... are designed in a classic and modern style. is the most illustrative tool that people can imagine.

Sure, many people will realize that this is the space and atmosphere that you want to have in your apartment or home. Regardless of the style, everything here is subtle, harmonious and well-cared for both the idea and the perfection of each product. From time to time, this space will dynamically change the decorative elements so that it always attracts and has a cozy atmosphere that is part of the home life of a home you have just set foot in.

Living room with different views

The corner decorated the spring on the tea table and living room cabinets

The kitchen is full of spring and people can imagine the activities of a family New Year

General kitchen, table and dining area

Close to the kitchen area with modern facilities and traditional colors of Tet

Spring is filled with every corner of the house, with pink on the peach blossom, with the joy of childhood of the red envelope, with the air in the sky mixed in each glutinous rice grain when opened each leaf layer algae. Preparation for the traditional New Year takes place in a modern urban living space different from that of the countryside, but still cozy and fun when reunited.

Here, the spring goes into private space, through some peach trees in the bedroom, gentle elegance and extra inspiration for the couple.