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Apartment Saigon pearl 85m2 with simple but modern interior design

Saigon pearl apartment with 85m2 interior design simple but modern is for a young woman with a delicate taste. All functional zones with all the important details for a comfortable living completely based on an area is not so big.

Among them there is a spacious living room with a comfortable reading area and a large and bright sofa to spend time with guests. There is also a quiet bedroom where you will not find something disturbing or annoying, modern and elegant kitchen with a round dining table, corridor and bathroom. This concept is based on the contrast between classic and modern details. Classic styles are displayed with wallpaper and modern style - with minimalist furniture and lighting. One of the most interesting details of this project is the floor covering that flows from the living room to the kitchen and corridor, saving a form, but changing a texture. Monochromatic walls are like a picture, where everything has its own place, whether it is art, furniture or decoration.