Interior design for rent

Apartment interior Happy Valley - Phu My Hung

The design of the apartment is a good idea to all the most all people. However, each person has a personal aesthetic perspective. They are not concurrent this is a whole apartment for rent, but but it will be worth it to keep your mind.

It is a gentle and elegant apartment style. Keep up with the general trend of handy interior design style for narrow space home. The apartment is designed to lengthen the living room and kitchen, not baffle, not a lot of sophisticated furniture occupy space.

Elegance comes from white milk, the color of the furniture and the beige of the wall. In order to optimize space, our architects have given absolute priority to the use of shelves in the wall, while the decorative details are also square, not too curved.

The space is long, so the apartment lighting system of the apartment does not use the golden light as is common in modern apartments. White light emanating from the ceiling lights soothes the heat of the kitchen, avoiding affecting the adjacent living area.

The bedrooms are simply designed and elegant. The area is not so big, so our architects have decided to completely turn a wall array into a large window frame. Full of light creates a sense of spaciousness, but privacy is kept private by blinds.

Bedroom of children is modern and fully furnished.