About Us

Golden House is a company specializing in interior design - interior design and production of civil furniture.

Launched in 2008 with VuongTronDesign brand. We have always thought that the work of interior design - interior construction must always try their best to create products with aesthetic value, creative and true to the wishes of the owner.

Through a lot of actual works and received many comments or suggestions from customers. We recognize the secret to creating the highest satisfaction for a product - the interior is:

"Build a home for your customers as yourself"

Only bring in the desire that each product we create has the highest enthusiasm of the team of architects design and when the actual work is always the quality products, aesthetics High and the most suitable option for financial customers, the peace of mind about the completion time and sustainable quality for your home.                                                                                                                                    

With the dedication to each project, each work like that. We introduce an interior brand and absolutely believe that customers will have the highest satisfaction after experiencing the cooperation with us. Golden House -

And this is also the brand that we hope will bring something innovative, unique, constantly updated the latest interior design trends of the world so that customers have more excellent choices for his living space. At the same time, an open playground for talented young architects to quickly assert their design values.